I know its been for ever since ive posted to all my fans please understand and keep checking back.  Ill be back latter to describe this more


Bar Open

This is a quick post digging through my old file i found this one and do not believe i have exhibited it yet.  I really do not remember the Hipstamatic setting and i promise as soon as i dig through my phone I will post them.  This was taken at the Stone Brewery in Escondido, Ca.  Its truly an amazingly photogenic place they have done a great job.  So my friends belly up and enjoy


Breaching the Summit

Hipstamatic is a wonderful tool.  I emphasize tool, a camera is only as good as the person holding it, it requires that ability and training to develop that sense of a good image.  The Hipstamatic can be used as a serious tool to create art. If you are a photographer that is has an obsession with sharpness and clarity even at giant prints well then maybe your should choose an 8x10.  But i think that my tiny cell phone camera produces art from my eyes view.

I use my small pocket camera too capture images when i forgot my DSLR or just did not feel like shooting with it that day, as in the case of this photo.  Cameras are tools, film is a tool, dark rooms, photoshop, lightroom etc. etc... all tools.  Put them to good use and you can create great art.Mophie Juice Pack Air iPhone 4 And 4S Battery Case - 1145JPAIP4BLK


Hipstamatic Lens; Roboto Glitter; Film: Claunch72 monochrome

This is a great mystical landscape created by these two combinations,  The slightly brown toned monochrome of the film the overall feel is very old but also very mystical


Len: John S; Film: AO BW

This combo is great.  High contrast light leaks spots and all greatness going on here.

I am generally not a wildlife photographer, however i do like to shoot animals that i find on my treks when I can.  This handsome little fellow is a common sight at La Jolla Shores Beach.  I often see these birds hopping around the sand looking for what ever it is that they eat.  I told you not a wild life photographer if I was I could probably give you the exactly what kinda bird this is.  However, for me image is important to me so well I will let it go i like the shot.


Jerry Slough: Art Takes Manhattan

Jerry Slough

So what am i doing lately.  Well im trying to get into this photo competition so if all of you can go to the link and click on collect me it would be great